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Our Services

You can receive care here for musculoskeletal injuries, post operative rehabilitation, balance training, injury prevention, fitness assessment and performance enhancement.

Your care at Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness starts with a comprehensive evaluation.  You can expect to have an examination of the area involved which may include mobility, strength, sensation, pain and function, along with assessment of surrounding areas to determine the origin of your symptoms.

Our friendly staff will assist you in determining your insurance benefits and we will submit claims on your behalf.  We participate with most insurance programs, including worker’s compensation and automobile claims.

At all of your following visits, you will receive individualized, one-on-one care based on the current best evidence and your goals.


Get the care you need here.  Call 717-790-9994 to schedule an appointment or ask our staff any questions you may have.

Post Operative Rehab

We have expertise in treating joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions, and other bone, joint, tendon and nerve surgeries.

Your treatments will include exercise and hands on therapy along with modalities to control pain and speed healing.  The duration of your care plan is dependent on your specific needs and rate of recovery.


Arthritis Care

Living with arthritis can be challenging.  Physical therapy has proven to be effective at reducing pain, strengthening muscles, and improving movement, posture and function -- all of which make it easier to live with arthritis. One-on-one treatment with the staff at our facility may include:

  •       Therapeutic exercise

  •        Manual therapy techniques

  •        Self-management techniques

  •        Posture and gait analysis

  •        Pain relief modalities


Balance Training

We work one-on-one to determine the origin of your balance difficulty.  Then we develop a care plan to address your specific needs. 

Treatment may include:

  • Balance exercises

  • Wiihab

  • Training in proper use of assistive devices

  • Vestibular rehabilitation

Our programs are designed to emphasize fall prevention and safety.


Low Level Laser Therapy

Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness is pleased to offer our patients low level laser therapy to improve tissue repair, reduce pain and decrease inflammation.  Low level laser therapy (also called cold laser) has been studied and used for many years. It achieves a faster rate of healing and pain relief by stimulating normal cellular function and inhibiting inflammation.  Low level laser therapy provides a safe alternative to anti-inflammatory medications.


Ergonomics and Body Mechanics

Training and Assessment

We teach you how NOT to slouch your posture at work, at home and at play.

We treat your “texting thumb,” neck pain from tablet, e-reader or laptop use, and neck, back and arm pain from overuse at your workstation.

We evaluate your workstation set up and help you decrease stress to your body during your long hours at work.


Spine Care

Pain in the neck or back can be coming from one or more sources.  Our expert staff provides thorough examination and treatment based on current research and experience to determine the origin and best treatment for your particular condition. 


Spine care includes treatment for:

  •   Arthritis

  •   Stenosis

  •   Sciatica

  •   Sacroiliac joint pain

  •   Radiating or radicular pain

  •   Bulging or herniated disks

  •   Sprains and strains


Manual Therapy

We take a hands on approach to caring for our patients.  When indicated, we utilize a number of different manual therapy techniques including joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release and massage.  Manual therapy may be used to increase muscle mobility, improve joint motion and relieve pain.


Osteoporosis Care

Learn how to improve your diet, exercise safely and other ways to minimize fracture risk in our comprehensive osteoporosis program.

Our program is a good fit for anyone at high risk of developing osteoporosis, or those that have already been diagnosed with decreased bone density.


Modalities/Physical Agents

Our therapists may use a variety of modalities/physical agents to assist in management of your condition. 

Modalities include:

  •   Ice and heat

  •   Ultrasound

  •   Electrical Stimulation

  •   TENS

  •   Russian

  •   Interferential

  •   NEMS

  •   Paraffin bath

  •   Contrast bath


Sports Movement Assessment and Enhancement

Whether you are a serious athlete or a recreational participant, you could benefit from one of our assessments to improve your performance or prevent injury.  Our assessments include video analysis of you performing your sport and a physical examination of your strength and flexibility.  Based on your individual findings, a custom-designed exercise program will be developed to help you meet your goals.


Pain Management

Pain travels.  We have the expertise to determine its origin.  And the knowledge to treat it and relieve you of your pain. 

Treatment may include:

  • Exercise

  • Manual therapy

  • Neuro reeducation for desensitization

  • Modalities such as ice, heat, electrical stimulation, cold laser

  • Education to help heal and prevent future episodes.


Therapeutic Exercise

Exercise is utilized to help you:

  •  Prevent injury

  •  Increase strength and motion

  •  Improve function

  •  Manage pain and

  •  Optimize health and fitness


Our physical therapists emphasize proper technique, spending the necessary time with each person to ensure the exercises are performed correctly.


Adult Fitness Examination

Adults ages 18-65 years interested in improving their fitness level can participate in a fitness examination. Our examination includes a number of components of overall fitness:

  •   Posture

  •   Balance

  •   Flexibility

  •   Strength

  •   Body composition

  •   Cardiovascular fitness

With the information learned from your examination, an overall fitness program can be developed.  The information should be shared with your physician and we will work with you and your physician to develop a fitness plan to improve your health and help you meet your fitness goals.


Amputee Rehabilitation

Loss of a limb is traumatic.  Our caring physical therapists are here to help you.

We have experience in training individuals in the best use of their prosthesis. 

We understand the mechanics of above and below knee amputations and the exercises you will need to maximize your strength and balance for your desired activities. 

We work with your prosthetist to ensure proper fit and function.

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