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Winter Health Tips II


2. Protect your skin! Sunscreen is more important in the winter. UVA light is tough to avoid because it passes through window glass and stays the same strength ALL YEAR LONG! This is why sunscreen is critical even in the winter months regardless of where you like to spend your time.  So find a moisturizer that contains broad-spectrum SPF 15 protection.

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Infections, not Clumsiness, Could Be The Cause of Falls
Research suggests that 20% to 40% of falls are caused by untreated infections. Infections can lower blood pressure and lead to dizziness and lightheadedness, increasing the risk for a fall.  Illness can also cause confusion in elderly people. Family and healthcare workers should consider how someone was feeling and acting before the accident, and not assume that they tripped.

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Winter Health Tips


Here are some tips for staying physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy during the winter months. (Vacation not included!)

1.Raise your vitamin D levels naturally (without pills or sunlight). Ways to raise your vitamin D include losing body fat, lowering your cholesterol, exercising, and eating more fatty fish, such as wild salmon. 

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Signs that an Elderly Person Isn't Eating Right

Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to the effects of poor nutrition. The American Academy of Family Physicians says typical signs of malnutrition among the elderly include:
-losing weight without trying
-frequently feeling tired
-having loss of strength or feeling muscle weakness
-having more memory problems 
-feeling depressed
-developing anemia
-getting sick more often than before


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