Health Tips

Heart Friendly

Keeping your social networks alive and well may help benefit your ticker over the long term. Social support has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, and people who do have heart attacks fare better if they are socially connected.

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Energy Boost

Is your energy lagging? Though it may be the last thing you feel like doing when you're tired, exercise -- even a brisk walk -- can be more effective than a nap or cup of coffee at fighting fatigue.

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Tips for Seniors Living Alone

  1. Live healthy-eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep and take prescribed medications.
  2. Get organized-have fixed locations for essentials like keys, wallet, phone numbers, medications and establish a comfortable schedule for yourself.
  3. Stay safe-get to know your neighbors, have reliable locks/security systems and use them, check in daily with someone, install a second handrail on stairs.

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Texting Thumb

If you’re an active cell phone user, you may be developing a growing health problem: texting thumb.  Texting thumb is a form of tendonitis and is one of the most common issues seen by hand specialists today.  Treatment is usually simple rest or physical therapy although more serious problems may need injections or tendon surgery.  The best way to avoid it is lay off the phone from time to time.

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